Robert Motherwell and Ft. Worth, Texas

I was fortunate to spend some time at the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth. As I entered,  there was an amazing piece of art that engulfed the wall to my right.

Large. Striking. Bold.

Stephen’s Iron Crown, 1981 Robert Motherwell Acrylic on oil-sized canvas 88 x 120 1/8 inches

A picture doesn’t do justice to the sheer size of this piece. Thinking about how he applied the canvas on a work this size fascinates me (yes, I love the process).

I began to learn about his work and found comfort in his color choices of blue, orange and black.

His Beside the Sea series really hits home for me. Simple. Bold. Intentional.

Beside the Sea No. 1, 1962 Oil on paper 29 × 23 in

The color. The signature.

It just works.

I really love his Open Series. It seems to be a study of simplicity and design. It amazes me that simple lines with right color can invoke deep emotions.

I was messing around one night, especially wanting to focus on colors.

Sketch in Picasso app
Sketch in Picasso app


Oil on canvas paper. Messing around.
Oil on canvas paper. Messing around.

Thank you Robert Motherwell and thank you Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth for featuring his work.

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