This is why I paint.

I graduated from Texas A&M University and began a career that has spanned from accounting, sales, management, strategic consulting, building a non-profit from the ground up to a nationally acclaimed foundation providing hope and financial support around the country, to CEO & executive leader of technology service companies.

Painting is an expression of emotion and creative thought. Throughout my life, I mainly expressed my creativity through playing music and the same process of creation and expressing now expands to the canvas.

Untitled 0.26 Signed 2 Donna Park
Untitled 0.26

I love to travel and growing up I was able to spend time at some amazing museums in the US, Paris and London. I was drawn in by the classic masters: Cezanne, Monet and Degas, but experiencing Mark Rothko’s Untitled (1949) grabbed me and never let go.

I was emotionally moved by Rothko’s piece and began a studying the New York School of artists and continually find inspiration from design, painting and architecture from the 1940’s and 1950’s and an open heart and mind to present day.

Each one of my paintings is an emotional journey. The piece is thought out, planned and presented mainly as Abstract Expressionism. I write about each painting and its journey at my site at My art is a revealing process through the colors, the layers and the composition.

Untitled 0.22 Signed Donna Park
Untitled 0.22

I take limited work on commission and would love to discuss a personal piece for your home or office. Reach me at




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