Untitled 0.40 48×96 (Oil on Canvas)

Throughout the whole canvas you should think of the effect of the big masses of color in their relation to each other. In a good canvas these big masses work together, have constructive effect on one another, just as in music. In well composed music you can’t get away from the motive. – Robert Henri

I’m back to working on larger canvases and after working on a triptych, I had the idea to work on two 48x48s as one composition. Not an original idea but interesting to consider the studio space and connectivity between the canvases.

I’m working through a number of emotions and I definitely have some unresolved feelings to process. As one of my friends has told me, you can run from your feelings or you can ‘just be’ .

It isn’t easy.

Deep reflection. Anger. Contemplation.

composition started
near completion

If you are interested in purchasing or in a personnel showing of this piece, please email me at todd@ktoddstorch.com.

I waited patiently for the LordHe inclined and heard my cry

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