Untitled 0.11 (12×16 oil on canvas)

This piece began as a way to experiment with more warm colors vs. the cools I’ve been using so far.

The “triplet” theme fascinates me for the tension and connectivity it creates. I’m working on 12×16 canvas paper attached to glass backing on easel.

Set up and marked
Beginning color work

The palate was really gorgeous from this work.

Cropped Untitled 0.11 palate v2
Cropped picture from palate.
Cropped Palate Untitled 0.11
Cropped photo from palate
Mounted view.
Mounted view.
Untitled 0.11, 12x16 oil on canvas (mounted). 2014
Untitled 0.11, 12×16 oil on canvas (mounted). 2014

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