Untitled 0.22 (30×48, oil on canvas) – COMMISSIONED

The painting itself is a “moment” in the adulterated mixture of his life – whether “moment” means, in one case, the actual minutes taken up with spotting the canvas or, in another, the entire duration of a lucid drama conducted in sign language. Art News, December 1952

The move to larger format canvas has been on my mind from the very beginning of the painting journey. Using restraint, whether the space in which to work, or with the using primary colors only, or certain tools can be very valuable to the creative process.

The piece began with a very specific color image in my mind along with a strong emotional pull.

Intentional. Determined. Prayerful. Resolute.

Color images in place
Color images in place
In process. Emotionally connected
In process. Emotionally connected
Nearly complete
Nearly complete
Signature on Untitled 0.22 Donna Park
Untitled 0.22 Signed Donna Park
Complete (Photo by http://donnaparkphotography.com/)

Somewhere there’s a hole in a window pane.

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