Untitled 0.5 (12×16, Oil on canvas) – SOLD

This piece was a natural color extension from Untitled 0.4. As a technology freak, I was on the lookout for a simple way to capture some colors when I had a thought.

A quick search brought me to the Picasso app (Google Play store) and it was exactly what I needed. I could quickly get my color ideas down and saved. I wanted a nice blue themed painting that was full of movement. I quickly jotted down what I was thinking. I wanted contrasting blues, purple and my current favorite, yellow.

Picasso App v1 - for Untitled 0.5
My first color thoughts captured in the Picasso app

As I thought about how I would begin on the piece, a new vision began to form for the beginning palate. Those ended up looking a little different from my original sketch and the colors were developing.

Untitled 0.5 Picasso app v2
Making progress with the sketch and colors
Untitled 0.5 Picasso app v3
The final sketch

Painting with the palate knife is extremely creative as different pressures, different angles and different positions creates a variety of effect. There is a moment when you scrape some primary color on the knife and begin to think about how to get the colors right (the magic is in creating the right color values) that is magical to my process oriented brain. The process of creating the painting is wonderful and full of learning.

After getting the colors right on my palate, I began the work of getting them on the canvas (for this piece I used canvas paper).

The canvas is prepped with color
Canvas and palate

Now, the creative process of unwrapping my thoughts begins. The time with the knife; layering, revealing, adding, revealing some more is therapeutic to me.

Untitled 0.5
Final on canvas
Final framed. Untitled 0.5, 12×16 oil on canvas paper, 16×20 framed


A happy new owner!
A happy new owner!


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